Transport Design
Means of transportation are our area of predilection since our training as students (for some of us that dates back to the early 80's).  All the aspects of transportation means, their kinematics, performance, handling constraints and specific beheviour are sources of inspiration for us

We have hands on experience of traditional bodywork styling, clay models, full size sculpted car bodies and have since applied this knowledge using the most modern tools for 3D surface modelling, This enables us to considerably reduce the time required to conceive forms and makes the transition phase between "hand made" and 3D CAD model obsolete and redundant. We design straight from 3D unlike most of our colleagues who feel constained by adanced CAD, we use it and enjoy it !

Advanced surfaces: Class A and reconstruction
As designers, we understand the shape creation process and we are well ploaced to understand our colleague's design intent.  The area of reconstruction of a "clean" mathematical model that will convey the emotions is only partially achievable using software embedded tools . We claim we can do more than the machine, using the machine but feeding our perceptions.