Industrial Design process
From the  early stages of conception,  there is complete integration with the industrial process necessary to the product components' manufacture and quality control. We use our PLM system to organize the project data and control that we always use relevant data. We know that development is about eliminating mistakes and that is our constant vision.
Technical documentation
Time consuming yet vitally important drawings and other technical documentation are easily handled by a team of professionals which can be afforded and a team large enough can be composed to suit any requirement.

Rapid prototyping
We increasingly use rapid prototyping facilities in Kharkov, equipped with state of the art equipment and consumables to produce first articles and prototypes.These models can be shipped in days to all parts of the world.

Controlling manufacturing is making sure we get the quality level that was intended. We will issue production data including programs for sheet metal , composites , moulds , CNC milling applications. We will liaise with your manufacturer's / toolmakers to guarantee the results are with no surprise.