AIrcraft Interior Design
Our history of Aircraft interior design dates back from 1997 when Francois Lecomte, principal of LE STUDIO received a commission to propose a modern design for ANTONOV aircrafts manufactured in Kharkov- Ukraine. We have since completed a number of projects in the field of Aircraft interior design with passenger regional jets and turboprops such as AN74-TK200, AN74-TK300, AN140.
We also completed VIP aircraft interiors based on LET410 and YAK40 which can be seen in the Gallery pages.

We understand the requirements, the materials, the certification procedures, we know the suppliers and we strive to create outstanding designs based on the very specific technologies used in this particular industry. Our main achievement however is the pleasure we transmit to the customer and the passenger. We are pleased of responses we get from passengers feels surrounded by a peaceful, non obstrusive space where everything  just works fine and in style.

Design Process
From Aircraft layout studies and initial 3D models establishing the base geometry to sourcing and engineering of each detail to full control over the implementation on board,
we can undertake part or all of the projects with a high degree of professionalism to deliver the right results the right way.
Our experience allows us to regognize crucial issues early on and save you time and money by helping you make the right choices.
We have solved so many problems on the spot