Aircraft engineering
We know how to work with aircraft grade aluminum alloys and master their surface treatments and other characteristices both in sheetmetal forming and CNC millied parts. We consistently deliver2D & 3D  data for sheet laser or water cutting and upon demand generate complete NC programs for CNC milling. We have an extensive knowledge of best practice in aircraft fastening techniques and standards so we can build virtually any structure.

Composites material technology
We are familiar with Carbon (and other) fibre laying and forming techniques, both in traditional and prepreg form. We do tooling design and can document part technology for certification purposes

Thermoforming and plastics technology
Our integrated 3D approach to Design and development integrates the specific requirements of (thermo)plastic component design. (check the product design page for more)

Our design approach aims to obtain early validation of concepts through Finite Element Analysis. We can simulate loads, accelerations and find resonnance frequecies for complex structures

We have already produced numerous equipment and undergone all sorts of Equipment testing to civil and military standards, our
prototypes have been subjected to static and dynamic loads, to vibrations, shocks , fire and smoke .... so we know the what to do and will help you prepare for the certification level you aim at.